So this past week has been super hectic. Basically in a quick paragraph…

Tuesday I saw Springbreakers, Wednesday I went to a birthday dinner for my bff, Thursday I got tickets to see Darren Criss with two amazing friends, at night I not only met Dan Savage, but also the Premier of freaking Ontario at a super fancy gala, Friday morning I had a Biology exam that I studied extremely hard for and it turned out to be very easy! Friday daytime I went to KBBQ for the first time — loved it! And at night we went to (drunk) karaoke and I ended up accidentally being extremely shit-faced and blacked out for majority of the night (not my finest moment might I add), but it was still very fun!

Oh and somehow my count for making out with straight guys is more than my count for making out with gay guys, dafack.

But yay it’s summer! Now I need to find a job, finish summer school, turn 19 and just have fun until second year starts! Currently: loving life.